Chapter VI: The Heretic’s Path

The heroes prepare themselves for an expedition over the Uthgarde Mountains, following a path allegedly once traveled by The Heretic when he fled the Fane Empire.

Chapter V: The Well of Darkness

A legendary dark beast dwelling in the depths of Revehald is faced down once and for all, and ancient records are recovered, but at what cost?

Chapter IV: The Ruins of Revehald

An expedition to the lost hold of the Dvegr sees treasures uncovered and an ancient evil confronted.

Chapter III: Prelude to War

A mysterious ambassador from the Fane Empire arrives in Shadow Watch, proclaiming the desire of his masters for peace; an attempt to force the Fane Lords’ hands at the Black Gate ends in disaster, even as thousands of fyrlings gather in force.

Chapter II: Servants of the Fane

The greatest sacrifice is made to save a town under siege by fyrlings, as the survivors attempt to hold out until morning and the hope of reinforcements.

Chapter I: Shadows of the Past

A discovery in an old church launches an Epic quest to find the origins of the Sidhain, but first the village of Brusq must be saved from oppression. Secrets are unveiled in Fulk, a village destroyed by inhuman servants of the Fane Lords, one of which still stalks the ruins. A mysterious Sidda delivers a cryptic message.

High Valor

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