The Village of Brusq

The village is built on both banks of a small, slow-flowing river, with an arced stone bridge linking both sides. One side is more shops and craftsmen, while the other side holds the industry such as grain mills, grainary, cooper and sawmill, powered by water-wheels. Logs come down the river from the logging camp, are fished out of the water by bargemen who bring them to the saw mill. The finished wood is Brusq’s main export, and wooden buildings are commonplace in and around the village.

The village itself has a wooden fence and gate for defence, which Fenris the Red threatened to burn along with the village if they were ever closed against he and his men.

The farms around Brusq grow mainly barley and flax, with a small crop of grapes mainly used to make a passable local wine. The local brewer also has a hop garden used for beer production. Brusq beer is generally a thick, dark brew beloved of the lumberjacks who live and work at the logging camp.

A few ranches also raise goats, mainly for milk and cheese, and sheep, primarly for wool. Both are occasionally sold for meat, but given the value of the animals for their other products this is uncommon and expensive and is considered an indulgence. Some hogs are raised to be eaten, with the best cuts going to the tables of the wealthiest landowners and merchants (and now the Iron Wolves) with pork sausages being a staple at most of the poorer tables. Cured bacon and ham are common for special occasions and holidays.

The businesses in the Village of Brusq would include:

North Bank:
Feed Store
Finished Goods
Tavern: Euric, The Brewer
Butcher: Gunthar, The Butcher
Herbalist: Dobhuinn Griogarach

South Bank:
Saw Mill
Grain Mill
Brewer: Euric, The Brewer
Dairy: Brunhild The Cheesmaker

Outside village proper:
Hunting lodge

The Moselle River is a slow moving, somewhat muddy river that flows roughly east-west through the center of Brusq. The logging camp upriver sends down logs with the current, and the village sends back finished goods and foodstuffs needed by the lumberjacks, packed into barrels. The river is also a source of nourishment, it’s muddy banks offering frogs, turtles, and catfish in abundance during the late spring and summer months. Few other gamefish swim it’s depths, however, so while they may make their way onto local tables, there’s no real market for such, with the local butcher offering some of the more common varieties from time to time for those without the time or inclination to fish.

The village’s other needs for which they’re not self-sufficient, such as iron and other metals, are traded by barge down river by river merchants and bargemen, and they exchange logs, planks, and woodcraft (along with any excess grain, wool, or cheese) for their needs. Generally this trade happens only once per year, in the Fall, when a grand market is traditionally held.

Since the Iron Wolves have started helping themselves to the town’s stores, it seems Fall cannot come soon enough. Even worse, with the lawless reputation this region has acquired (ironically, the reason Fenris and his Wolves received this posting to begin with), few merchants seem willing to brave the dangers of the journey.

The Village of Brusq

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