The Arborfell

The Arborfell Forest surrounds Brusq in a crescent, running from the North West to the South East, and covers several hundred square miles.

In the East by South East side, just south of the river bank, the forest is thick with various kinds of wood where the Arborfell starts to meet the rocky foothills and up to the mountainside. A lumbercamp is nestled here, and is home to several dozen lumberjacks.

The old Trade Road runs north from the village through the Arborfell. Off this road several hundred yards in a small dell, the Iron Wolves have set up their camp.

To the south, a hunting lodge is situated, where an old forester and huntsman <name> lives, often trading furs and meat with the rest of the villagers.

There are rumors of a demon living in the Arborfell, with malevolent yellow eyes like that of a snake who hunts men and eats their flesh. This is largely held by the majority of folk who live outside the village proper, in the farms and ranches surrounding the village itself.

Some townsfolk are aware of the Sidhain who lives in the woods, some even have (secretly) had some dealings with her, and while they view her warily and make the sign of the wheel whenever she crosses their path, they’re reasonably certain she’s unlikely to eat any of them.

The depths of the Arborfell, far beyond the village, beyond the edge of the logging camp, is known to be haunted by dark things; strange, deadly beasts and even Myrk and Trolls are not unknown. Occasionally one encroaches on the Lumber Camp, and the men there make good use of sharpened logs and woodaxes to drive them off.

The Arborfell

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