On the Sidda

[Found in the pages of Dobhuinn’s journal]

On the Sidda
I have read of the Sidda and have had the privilege of meeting one in person. As described in writing, the Sidda I met was an enigmatic creature whose words seemed as unworldly as her presence. She introduced herself as Lavreal Soulcrier and seemed scarcely more present than a shadow cast by many candles.

Lavreal spoke with dream-imbued words which carried both sense and confusion in their syllables. She spoke of the past, present, and future as if the three were tightly woven into a tapestry only she could see. Her words never held a discordant tone of misguidance. It seemed she was merely speaking from a vantage point not shared by we worldly creatures. However, at no point did she appear to misunderstand our words though perhaps she was already familiar with the discussions we were yet to have.

She described her people as “light” or “dark”, indicating that there has grown some schism in their culture. The “light” were those who embraced the High Lord in reverence while the “dark” turned away in shame. Lavreal appeared to be one of the latter and stated that she hoped Foy could fact the High Lord when Lavreal could not. This state of being “dark” was a physical one. Where the sunlight touched her, she faded from view.

The documents I found at the church of Brusq indicated that the Sidda and Sidhain worked together to aid man against the Fane. Lavreal referred to the Sidhain as the “Sidda’s burden to bear”. She helped the Sidhain children of Fulk find safe haven in Brusq, Foy being among them. Since then, Lavreal waited in the woods hear the farm of Fulk, waiting expectantly for Foy’s return.

Lavreal hinted to the Sidhain being a “terrible mistake” of the Sidda. She said that the Fane feared the Sidhain and wanted to undo what the Sidda have done. For what purpose and by what means did the Sidda create the Sidhain? Perhaps it was to fight the Fane. Could it be that the Sidda used Fane blood to create creatures that could match the Fane and who, under the Sidhain’s guidance, fight against the Fane? Were the Sidda desperate enough to create soldiers to fight in the war against the Fane? I hope to find more answers on our path to Daralgul.

On the Sidda

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