On Foy and the Sidhain

[Found in the pages of Dobhuinn’s journal]

On Foy and the Sidhain

Foy is far more human than I had expected. Her unnatural eyes make it easy to expect more animal-like tendencies. Perhaps her time with the church as a child have changed the outcome of her existence in a similar way some animals have been domesticated. This is not to say she, by birth, is of any less worth than any other of us.

I have noted a greater athleticism in Foy than I have in others. Her hunting skills are beyond those of any hunter I have met. While her many years living in the forest much have honed this, I cannot help but consider that the Sidhain blood in her empowers these aspects.

Her martial strengths were shown in her duel with Gunthar. I took much satisfaction in seeing the large butcher toppled so easily by the much smaller Foy. For once, I look forward to seeing Gunthar again for I know when he looks on me he will see in my eyes my gleeful remembrance his humiliation. I know it is childish for me to revel in his sorrow but for Gunthar, I savor this guilty pleasure.

To add to her physical capabilities, I can confirm that she sees in the night as if by torchlight. This, no doubt, is an attribute unique to the Sidhain. Her nightsight has been a boon on a number of occasions when scouting in unfriendly areas such as the Iron Wolves’ camp or the Duke’s camp on a later occasion.

Her level of reverence for the High Lord is also astoundingly focused. This is, without question, an artifact of her her stay with the church. I suspect that the Sidhain are strongly focused creatures and in the strained events of her childhood, the scriptures of the High Lord offered her comfort. I can certainly understand this, being faithful myself though my strength of faith is pale in comparison to hers. While I would never speak this aloud, few men and women of the church can match Foy’s faith in the High Lord. On one occasion, I witnessed her attack the remnants of a statue that once held the visage of one of the thirteen Fane Lords. Such is the strength of her conviction that she is unwilling to suffer stone simulacra.

This matter of focus does bring with it some undesirable traits. Foy has shown herself to have a vengeful nature. Like a wild predator, once she has a scent of the prey who wronged her, she hunts this prey incessantly. Even in the face of defeat and at the risk of great harm to her self, she will not retreat. My skills as an apothecary have been stretched greatly to mend the wounds she acquires during these bouts of blood lust. I must insist that these moments are not quite as savage as they may sound. While she is driven, she is also just. Could this be an animalistic trait tempered by the High Lord’s teachings?

There has been a few occasions where I feared Foy’s reckless behaviors would bring the end of us. When we faces the Spinner in Fulk, we had an opportunity to escape and regroup but she forcefully rejected it, instead fighting the creature until she could hardly stand of her own accord. I contemplated running but could not bring myself to leave her standing in harm’s way. However, in the end, the creature fell before her so who am I to question her methods? Is it much different that I insist on trying to control these magics knowing full well what dangers they may bring? Perhaps not.

On Foy and the Sidhain

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