Fulk was a village several days downriver from Brusq until around 17 years ago, when a long-running plague finally ended, leaving behind few survivors.

The Plague itself, which had started two years earlier, was unlike anything the town had seen before; it took young and old alike, seemingly at random. A few managed to escape the village before it became too widespread and before a quarantine was imposed by the Duke’s men on pain of death for any who left. Even so, some tried. Few succeeded.

Left to wait until the plague ran it’s course, or until they were all dead, panic and fear spread in the village, eventually falling on a few families of Sidhain that had been secretly hired by a local farmer as hands. The villagers razed the farm, but no Sidhain bodies were found after. Most assumed they ran, but none of the Duke’s men saw any flee either. The fate of these works remains a mystery.

Among the few survivors were a number of children, whose families either died of plague or as a result of the panic that surrounded it. These were taken in by the Matriarch of Brusq, who turned the rectory into a makeshift orphanage. Soon after, a basket was found on the church’s doorstep. Inside was a single Sidhain infant.

What remains of Fulk or who else may have survived is unknown to the people of Brusq; none have dared set foot in the village, for fear the plague may still be lurking.


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