Soldier of fortune


Name: Ulfar

Kinship: Human (Rykarn)

Profession: Mercenary (Soldier)

Feat Pools

  • Valor : 3
  • Will : 3
  • Faith : 2

Heritage, culture, background traits

  • Lesser Garrison Brat
  • Greater Tough
  • Greater Armor of Quality

Growing up, Ulfar, son of Geirr, lived in a number of forts and garrisons across the Free Kingdoms. His father’s work as a mercenary followed a trail of coins. Geirr raised Ulfar as his father did he, as a warrior. Ulfar was still young when he joined Geirr on missions and soon held his own as a mercenary. He understood the mercenaries place in the garrison, the expectations from those who hired him, and how his expectations of his employers jangled from a bag of coin.

Some three years past, Geirr, Ulfar, and a number of others were hired to cleanse a town rumored to have fallen under the werwulf’s curse. Few returned but Geirr was not among them. The remainder, including Ulfar, arrived back at their fort with the little life they had left in them. One of the surviving troop was a Dvegr man whom Ulfar saved from the jaws of death. The Dvegr, a proficient armorer, crafted a fine chain suit during the remainder of their stay at that fort. This suit was offered to Ulfar in return for his actions on that mission.

Ulfar has since returned to a life of traveling, letting the coins lead him.

Profession and supporting traits

  • Greater Soldier
  • Lesser Bludgeoner

Despite the opportunity for a bladed weapon, Ulfar feels most comfortable with a hammer in hand. There are those who have overheard that he prefers the heft of the hammer and the feel of his enemy’s bones cracking beneath it.

Additional traits

  • Heroic Forceful Demeanor

Ulfar stands at an intimidating height with a voice that sounds clearly over the din of battle, instilling fear more often than inspiration.


  • Boisterous (additional kinship challenge)
  • Bloodthirsty

Ulfar was born and raised for battle. He knows no other life. His relentlessness in the execution of his enemies is matched only by the strength of his camaraderie with those he fights beside. His father’s fire that continues to burn in Ulfar fuels his battle lust and pride.



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