Sidhain Faithful



Author: Hithorys
PC in: High Valor
Game System: other

Name: Foy

Kinship: Human Sidhain
Kinship Trait: Shadow Sight (Greater)
Challenge: Serpent’s Eyes (Yellow)

Feat Pools

Valor : 3
Will : 2
Faith : 3

Background Traits:

Greater Pious
Lesser Hero Worship

Foy was raised in an orphanage by a Matron who believed all children were part of the All-Father’s Dream. She raised her to forgive others their ignorance, because only the All-Father could be a person’s judge. Now grown, Foy does her best to live up to the memory of the Mother who raised her.

Profession and Supporting Traits

Greater Hunter
Lesser Pathfinder

After leaving the orphanage, Foy found herself unwelcome in town, but life in the woods suited her. She became a proficient hunter, and soon knew the woods outside of town like the back of her hand.

Additional Traits

Lesser Observant
Lesser Direction Sense
Lesser Sneaky

Before long, she found herself sneaking in and out of the woods, making quick work of anyone who’d harm the helpless – usually before anyone knew what happened. However, stories of the “Demon of the Woods” managed to make its way through town.


Distant: Being Sidhain, all but the Matron shunned Foy. She’d never had an opportunity to interact with others her age in any normal way. As an adult, she’s been in solitude and hasn’t interacted with others until this strange man showed up a few months ago. Needless to say, while it isn’t so, she simply doesn’t know how to interact in normal, expected ways, and can seem emotionally distant.

Serpent Eyes: Her yellow, slitted eyes with a nictitating membrane clearly mark Foy as one of the Sidhain

Collapsed Lung: Foy took a spear to the chest in a battle with the Iron Wolves, causing one lung to collapse. She can become quickly winded in situations where endurance is required.

Fate’s Hand

Triumph: Eliminated the Iron Wolves mercenaries from Brusq
Triumph: Prayed for her enemies’ forgiveness
Triumph: Successfully raided the Duke’s camp to spread chaos, albeit at a cost
Triumph: Helped the King’s Men to take a strategic bridge
Triumph: Killed three giant spiders alone
Triumph: Aided in the slaying of a vile Spinner, landing the killing shot while blinded
Doom: Was driven away from the Iron Wolves’ camp
Doom: Was severely injured by one of the Iron Wolves, resulting in a punctured lung
Doom: Further injured her damaged arm while training
Doom: Was forced to work around statues of the Fane Lords
Triumph: Trollslayer – Slew a mighty troll
Triumph: Saved a village from Myrk
Doom: Saved only 3 of 4 travelers from a pack of Myrk
Triumph: Miraculously Bridged a Chasm
Doom: Faith was shaken by an undead holy warrior
Doom: Witnessed the Fane Armies
Doom: Almost eaten by a Fallow Wyrm
Triumph: Returned from Revehald
Triumph: Defeated a demon in single combat
Triumph: Defeated bandits and conscripted their leader for the war
Doom: Poisoned by a snake
Doom: Fell victim to sorcerous control
Doom: Fell off a mountain enroute to the Black Gate
Triumph: Gave a rousing speech to inspire troops
Triumph: Witnessed the Hall of Heroes with Dvegr decendents
Triumph: Destroyed a Fyrling Patrol
Triumph: Learned the Story of Revehald
Doom: Went stir-crazy in Galashire



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