Gunthar, The Butcher


Gunthar is a Greater Challenge

  • Loudmouth
  • Bully
  • Drunkard

Gunthar loves little more than dominating those smaller than him. An ox of a man he is, there are few who do not fit this criteria. He has quite enjoyed picking on Dubhuinn, the cowardly man who spends his days out picking flowers on the path. Gunthar can smell Dubhuinn’s fear and enjoys toying with him. If it wasn’t for Dubhuinn’s friendship with the Brewer, Dubhuinn would not be able to spend any enjoyable evenings in the local tavern. Despite Euric’s standing threat to kick Gunthar out of the tavern, Gunthar is more than willing to test the boundries after a few tankards of ale and the encouragement of his drinking buddies.

Gunthar, The Butcher

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