Fenris the Red

Mercenary Captain and Bloody-handed Rogue


Fenris the Red is a Heroic challenge.
Fenris with several of his men backing him up is a Legendary challenge.


Fenris the Red, so named for his willingness to spill blood, is the captain of the Rykarn “Iron Wolves” mercenary company. Hired to fight in the civil war between the Free Kingdoms and the Southern Duchies by one side or the other, Fenris and his men were assigned to “peace keeping” over the contested settlement of Brusq and it’s nearby logging camp.

Fenris and 25 of his Iron Wolves established a camp several miles outside Brusq at the edge of the Arborfell forest, using the trees to build a curtain fence and pickets. Fenris’ particular brand of “peace keeping” manifests as he and his men shaking down local farmers for “taxes”, with refusal or inability to pay resulting in burned fields and mistreated womenfolk, if not worse.

Similarly, Fenris and his men occasionally ride into Brusq in force, taking whatever they wish from the tradesmen and merchants while the town’s meager militia watches helplessly.

The Logging Camp, being further afield and deeper in the woods, has on occasion had to drive off beasts or even an occasional Myrk or Troll, and has a fence of thick, sharpened logs and stout men with woodaxes to defend it. It is a nut Fenris has not yet attempted to crack, as he and his men have a more pressing problem.

Since their arrival and early attempts to lay down the law, they have been plagued by resistance from a hidden foe who apparently haunts the woods. The locals claim it is a “yellow-eyed demon”, a claim Fenris scoffs at; his adversary is definitely mortal of that he’s sure. Still, six of his men had been taken by their mysterious foe, whenever they were alone or in pairs. The mercs have changed their tactics in response, traveling in larger groups with bows ready, lighting watch fires outside the lines of the pickets to prevent night-time incursions.

While this has met with some good success – only one additional man has died in the past few months when he carelessly separated from the rest of the group to investigate a glint of gold just off the trail – their personal demon has continued to harass them, seemingly intent to keep them at high alert constantly. Some of the men are starting to whisper that perhaps it may be a demon or dark servant of the Fane after all, and Fenris grows restless. He knows if he doesn’t bring an end to this enemy, morale of his troops will start to fray.

Fenris the Red

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