Dobhuinn Griogarach [deceased]

Wizard, member of the Order of the Scroll


Name: Name: Dobhuinn Griogarach [DOOV-wen GREE-gar-ach]

Kinship: Human (Kael)

Feat Pools

  • Valor : 1
  • Will : 4
  • Faith : 3

Heritage, culture, background traits

  • Greater Literate (kinship trait)
  • Lesser Smart
  • Lesser Folklore
  • Lesser Good Memory

Dobhuinn was raised by a mother and father who both worked in service of the Grand Library on Albae as members of the Order of the Scroll. He was exposed to the collected literature from an early age and developed a great appetite for knowledge.

Profession and supporting traits

  • Greater Wizard
  • Lesser “High Magic” Lore

Dobhuinn’s hunger for knowledge led him down the path of wizardry. In his years a young man, he honed his ability to draw on the energies of the world around him. He believes magic has been given by the High Lord to be used as a tool by those willing to wield it. It is up to the wielder how that tool is used.

In these years, he traveled for the Order of the Scroll, hunting for lost tomes and creating copies without error to add to the Grand Library and his own increasing knowledge.

Additional traits

  • Lesser Apprenticed: Alchemist
  • Lesser Plant Lore
  • Lesser “Low Magic” Lore

In the course of his studies and travel, Dobhuinn delved into the common man’s magic in a hopes to find ways to make High Magic more accessible to all. He saw Low Magic to be little more than the prayers of the faithful, begging for services from the High Lord and his celestial court whereas one who makes use of High Magic makes use of the tool the High Lord has provided man and woman. The use of High Magic was an act of free will, a true honor to the High Lord who has bestowed such a gift.


  • Cowardly (additional kinship challenge)
  • Past his prime

Dobhuinn has spent his years traveling the lands one page at a time and has entered the third act of his life. He feels the years catching up with him. He has never been a physically strong man and hasn’t lived this long by fending off the world at blade’s length. Where a soft word failed to ward off trouble, he had his wits and his will over the energies of Aeia to protect himself. As such, none would ever accuse him of being a brave man.

Personal effects




Euric, The Brewer: It didn’t take long after Dubhuinn arrived in Brusq that the two became good friends. Dubhuinn, a great fan of Euric’s black-as-night brew, offered Euric some suggestions on what was to become the ale’s secret spices. Since the start of the friendship, Euric’s hop crop has flourished, no doubt aided by the Herbalist’s green thumb. This was given in exchange for the original recipe which will continue to live on in Dobhuinn’s journal for as long as its pages are willing to carry it.

Personal rival or minor enemy

Brunhild The Cheesmaker: Brunhild and her husband, Lothar, run the dairy. Many would be quick to explain that Brunhild runs the dairy and allows Lothar to work there. Lothar, unlike Brunhild, is soft-spoken. Aside for being outspoken, Brunhild is well know for her superstition, nosiness, and the best cheese south of Cymrael, or at least her local prizewinnings would indicate. However, last season her cheese soured and having once witnessed Dubhuinn harness energy from nothingness into magic, she is certain his “dangerous dabblings” are to blame for her soured cheese. She is intent on getting Dubhuinn thrown out of Brusq.


Gunthar, The Butcher: Gunthar loves little more than dominating those smaller than him. An ox of a man he is, there are few who do not fit this criteria. He has quite enjoyed picking on Dubhuinn, the cowardly man who spends his days out picking flowers on the path. Gunthar can smell Dubhuinn’s fear and enjoys toying with him. If it wasn’t for Dubhuinn’s friendship with the Brewer, Dubhuinn would not be able to spend any enjoyable evenings in the local tavern. Despite Euric’s standing threat to kick Gunthar out of the tavern, Gunthar is more than willing to test the boundries after a few tankards of ale and the encouragement of his drinking buddies.



  • His work for the Order of the Scroll has brought him to the Village of Brusq. He initially was employed to transcribe historic documents found in the town’s church. Over time, he found he was able to fill a niche as the town’s Herbalist. This, and his general enjoyment of the area has kept him in Brusq despite disagreements with Brunhild and Gunthar. His friendship with Euric has helped offset these minor difficulties.
  • He was collecting herbs in the Arborfell, the nearby forest, when he witnessed a curious Sidhain woman’s actions. It was an unsolicited deed of altruistic good will and protection. He had heard the local lore of the “demon in the woods” and after seeing her eyes, he’s certain this is the demon in the stories but what he witnessed did not deserve the fear created by the stories.
  • While handling the Church’s documents, Dobhuinn came across misplaced records of an orphan in the church, with eyes matching the description of the woman he saw in the woods. These records place her arrival curiously around the same time as the plague known as the “Fulk Farm Pox” in record and the “Sidhain Blood Harvest” in whispers, though some whisper louder than others. It resulted in the fall of Fulk and mention a local farm that employed Sidhain farmhands which was believed to the source of the plague.
  • With this new information in hand, he sets out to meet this “demon in the woods”. He is quite certain there is truth waiting to be revealed in those woods.

Dobhuinn Griogarach [deceased]

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