Brunhild The Cheesmaker

Cheesmaker of Brusq


As a foil, Brunhild is a Lesser Challenge. If she manages to stir up some townsfolk to back her up, she can become a Greater challenge.

  • Outspoken
  • Nosy
  • Superstitious

Brunhild and her husband, Lothar, run the dairy. Many would be quick to explain that Brunhild runs the dairy and allows Lothar to work there. Lothar, unlike Brunhild, is soft-spoken. Aside for being outspoken, Brunhild is well know for her superstition, nosiness, and the best cheese south of Cymrael, or at least her local prizewinnings would indicate. However, last season her cheese soured and having once witnessed Dubhuinn harness energy from nothingness into magic, she is certain his “dangerous dabblings” are to blame for her soured cheese. She is intent on getting Dubhuinn ousted from Brusq.

Brunhild The Cheesmaker

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